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The logs databases are Excel spreadsheets. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, try the open source LibreOffice software or the Apache Open Office software

Numbers Stations Logs Database 1978-2023 (Excel)

Numbers Stations Logs Database 2024 (Excel)

Numbers Stations Logs Database 2024 (CSV)

Search for X06

X06 Logs Database (Excel)


N&O designators v12

ENIGMA active station list V1.3 September 2017

The Who’s who of Numbers stations


HM01 schedules


CSVUserlistBrowser by DF8RY

DIGTRX decoder for RDFT

Easypal decoder for WinDRM

How to convert F06a messages

Rivet manual

Rivet decoder for XPA/XPA2/F01/F06/T600

EasyDRF decoder for WinDRM

Books & Documents

CIA World Factbook

Cuban missile crises 1962 CIA doc.

Cuban missile crises 1962 NSA doc.

Defense & Intelligence abbreviations

Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security vol.1

Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security vol.2

Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security vol.3

German WWII cryptography document

Havana Moon “Uno, Dos Cuatro”

Historic equipment

History of the Radio Intelligence Division Before and During World War II

Intelligence Collection

International Encyclopedia of the First World War; Espionage

John Symond “Romeo Spy”

M29 printout

Mike Chace's numbers logs archive

Morse alfabets

Navajo Code Talkers dictionary

NSA: The Venona story

NSA: War secrets in the ether vol.1 & 2

NSA: War secrets in the ether vol.3

Oleg Kalugin “Spy Master”

Psychological Operations handbook FM 3-05.30

Radio Slovar (Russian radio related word list)

Rukovodstvo Radiosvazi SSSR

Russian alphabet/numbers/morse

Russian communications WW II

Russian Monolyth stations

Simon Mason “Secret Signals”

The Cold War Spy Pocket-Manual review

Tim Weiner “Legacy of Ashes” (history of the CIA)

Zimmermann Telegram

Station Profiles

Chinese Military Nets (M89, M95, V26, etc)

Chinese stations

Decoder printouts

E03 / E03a profiles

ENIGMA 2000 - morse station short list

ENIGMA 2000 - morse profile

EV01 profile

EV02 profile

M21 / M41 profile

M22 profile

M32 profile

M42-family profile

(M42, M42b, F01, F06, F06a, X06)

M42-family frequencies

M43 profile

M51 profile

M51a FAV22 lessons

M89 profile

Morse station samples

MX profile

S28 profile

S30 profile

UM01 profile

UM02 profile

UM10 profile

V30 profile

Google Earth kmz files

KMZ files N&O #156

KMZ files N&O #172

KMZ file N&O #234

Decoded files

SK01: Modes: PSK31, PSK220FEC

HM01 files 2015

HM01 files 2018

HM01 files 2019

HM01 files 2020

HM01 files 2021

HM01 files 2022

HM01 files 2023

HM01 files Jan 2024

HM01 files Feb 2024

HM01 files March 2024

HM01 files April 2024

HM01 files May 2024

HM01 files June 2024

F06a files 2020

F06a files 2021

F06a files 2022

F06a files 2023

Fo6a files Jan 2024

F06a files Feb 2024

F06a files March 2024

F06a files April 2024

F06a files May 2024

F06a files June 2024

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